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7 Ways to Bring the Magic of Mushrooms into Your Daily Routines in 2023

By now you’ve probably seen plenty of those “in” and “out” lists for 2023. Us, too. It seems like we’ve all collectively agreed to slow down, treat ourselves gently (and others, too) – and celebrate life’s small joys this year. We love to see more people taking good gentle care of themselves!

Since the new year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, mushrooms are right at home in your resolutions and goals. There’s something so magical about finding a new-to-you species in the woods, experiencing a mushroom’s benefits for the first time and coming up with new ways to make room for old favorites in your life. Read on for our favorite simple routines and rituals that put mushrooms front and center.

1.  Savor every drop.

One of the highlights of 2022 was launching our first-every mushroom drops! Our Gratitude Mushroom Drops are a symbiotic blend of some of our favorite mushrooms to support your mood, immunity and longevity.* With 8 mushrooms in an equal 1:1 ratio, they are formulated to inspire infinite gratitude — for the mushrooms and nature’s wisdom. (Choosing eight mushrooms was intentional, since an 8 looks like an infinity symbol!)

What you might not know is that this great-tasting extract is vegan, with a base of organic glycerin. That makes it naturally sweet – without sugar – and a novel way to taste the mushrooms. Instead of dropping each serving in water, try placing it directly on your tongue to slow down and savor every drop.

2. Take time for tea.

Also in 2022, we partnered with renowned luxury tea company TEALEAVES, on our Fantastic Mushroom Tea. Each sip is filled with the world’s most revered mushrooms, deepening your connection to nature while rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit.

In addition to organic red Reishi, organic Cordyceps and organic Lion’s Mane, the tea includes ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and nutmeg. Each sip has a warming and slightly earthy flavor, allowing you to sip on the benefits of some of your favorite mushrooms.

Teas are among the oldest and most traditional ways to consume mushrooms and other botanicals – and sipping tea is a wonderful daily ritual. This blend is caffeine-free, so there’s no worry about drinking it after dinner.   

3. Watch the invisible become visible.

When the world feels like it’s moving too fast, and life’s daily stresses feel overwhelming, there’s nothing like quality time in nature. And when that’s not possible, time-lapse videos of nature’s intelligence are equally calming and satisfying. Only have a few minutes?  When you have the gift of more time, rewatch the film that started it all.  

4. Engage your senses.

Slow down snacktime and make it a multisensory experience. Not only will your digestive system thank you, but you can also practice intuitive or mindful eating to help you stay connected to your body’s natural hunger and satiety cues. Whether you crave salty or sweet mushroom snacks, you can give this practice a try.  

Step away from your desk, put away screens and focus on each bite and piece. Notice how it smells and feels – not only how it tastes. Pause and take a deep breath between bites.

5. Embrace fun and joy.

Creativity is often seen as a luxury or an “extra,” but so much good can come from expressing yourself. Whether you play music, make pottery or doodle in a notebook is up to you. Why not resurrect a favorite artistic pastime from childhood? Coloring books aren’t just for kids – and there are real benefits to this simple activity.

You’ll love getting to know your favorite fungi species in our Fantastic Fungi Coloring Book.

6. Grow them yourself.

If you’ve been eager to try more recipes made with fresh mushrooms but can’t always find them near you, let this be the year you finally try growing them yourself! Oyster mushrooms are especially fast-growing, so they can feel downright magical to cultivate. (Your kids will love helping!) And you can also grow your own Lion’s Mane mushrooms at home – for a vegan alternative to use in your favorite chicken recipes.

Grow kits make mushroom “farming” possible even in a tiny apartment or dorm room, and they include detailed instructions.

7. Don’t go it alone.

Setting goals and making plans can be exciting – but executing them isn’t always as easy. Humans are hardwired for connection, so speak up and share your goals and dreams with others. And, you can also turn to nature for support.* The supplement section of our shop lets you sort products by benefit, so you can find mushroom products to be your ally on your journey this year. Working on energy or endurance?* We’ve got you covered. Trying to embrace the privilege of aging?* You’ve got options! Or maybe you’re just trying to relax?* Make mushrooms part of your plan.

How are you bringing mushrooms into the spotlight this year? Do you have a special routine or ritual?

Learn to Love Eating Mushrooms

In addition to offering plenty of nutritional benefits, mushrooms deliver on umami like almost no other food can. Umami means “pleasant savory taste” in Japanese, and it’s one of the five basic tastes. Foods with umami are described as brothy or “meaty” (even when there’s no meat in the dish). But despite all this goodness, some people just “don’t like mushrooms.” But, sometimes a person’s mind can be changed if they have a new-to-them type of mushroom – or a familiar one cooked in a different way. 

A slimy or soggy mushroom on pizza is not a solid representation of the fungi kingdom’s culinary potential! If you’re a mushroom lover who’s struggling to get your family and friends on board, read on. (Or if you’re someone who’s myco-curious and wants to eat more mushrooms, these tips could benefit you as well.)

We’re offering cooking and preparation tips to help the next generation of fungi fans!

7 tips for those who are new to eating mushrooms

Try different varieties.

Plenty of folks have only had the chance to taste white button mushrooms or maybe a portobello burger. While those mushrooms can be tasty, they’re also not the most flavorful. So, start branching out. Mushrooms are such a fun ingredient to experiment with in the kitchen. Try adding a new-to-you variety – like Lion’s Mane, Shiitake or Porcini – to your shopping list every week or two. You might find that you can change minds with the right ‘shrooms! A good place to start is your local farmers market, but you can also find mushrooms like Maitake, Beech and Oyster at many supermarkets. 

Crowdsource new recipes.

Sometimes, it’s not the mushroom – it’s the preparation. Ask for input in choosing different recipes or spend some time browsing cookbooks and recipe blogs. If someone in your family thought that whole Shiitake mushrooms cooked in soup were too intense or chewy, look for a dish that uses only the broth or smaller pieces of mushroom. Start with our free community recipes to get some ideas.  

Switch from savory to sweet.

If you’re dealing with a ‘shroom skeptic, telling them to eat mushrooms in a sweet dish might lead to some raised eyebrows. But we’re not suggesting you serve chocolate-dipped Chanterelles. Instead, reach for mushroom extracts or functional foods, like the ones we offer in our shop. These products deliver mushrooms in an entirely new way! (And they’re great for mushroom lovers, too.)

Make mushrooms a minor ingredient.

You can add the flavor and nutrition of mushrooms to any dish without the texture. Try mincing mushrooms or pulsing them in a food processor before sauteing with aromatic vegetables like onions and peppers. If you’re making a soup or stew, pulverize dried mushrooms in a clean coffee grinder then add to the dish along with your liquid. Mushrooms add so much flavor, even when they’re not the “star” ingredient.

Keep it simple.

One of the best ways to introduce someone to mushrooms is by simply sauteing them. Start with a hot pan, add a little oil (or not), then add your mushrooms, leaving plenty of room for the steam to escape so flavor can develop. Mushrooms need very little to enhance their flavor or encourage them to brown – give them some heat, salt and pepper, and that’s it. If you want to elevate them, add garlic or another allium, deglaze the pan with wine or balsamic vinegar and finish with a sprinkle of fresh herbs. This simple approach is a good way to experience new mushrooms, by highlighting their earthy deliciousness. This article outlines some of the most common mistakes to avoid when cooking mushrooms!

Soak up the flavor.

Mushrooms are porous and filled with water, so they’ll soak up any marinade or sauce. Less is more, since mushrooms are like a sponge before they’re cooked. Using a favorite and familiar sauce, glaze or marinade might make someone who’s on the fence be more willing to try them.  

Make sure they’re fresh.

Mushrooms shouldn’t smell funky or be slimy before you cook them. If yours are, relegate them to the compost. Make sure to store mushrooms in a paper or cloth bag. Plastic doesn’t allow mushrooms to breathe, and excess moisture will cause them to spoil faster. 

10 simple meal ideas for those who are new to mushrooms

If you’re already comfortable in the kitchen but need a little confidence boost with mushrooms, start here. 

  1. Add minced, sauteed mushrooms to pasta sauce.
  2. Use mushroom broth (homemade or store-bought) to make risotto.
  3. Stir a spoonful of ground dried mushrooms into soups and stews.
  4. Blend a dropper of liquid mushroom extracts into smoothies or protein shakes.
  5. Toss shredded, cooked mushrooms with barbecue or buffalo sauce.
  6. Finely slice mushrooms before adding to stir-fries or curries.
  7. Braise mushrooms with other hearty vegetables to intensify their flavor.
  8. Blend sauteed mushrooms, aromatics and herbs until smooth, then spread on toast for a savory breakfast or snack.
  9. Sip on mushroom coffee or cocoa. (Check out our shop if you haven’t tried these yet!)
  10. Add powdered mushroom extracts to no-bake energy balls.

Warm Endive and Oyster Mushroom Salad (pictured) recipe by Annalise Bischoff, Massachusetts. Photo by Evan Sung.